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Jan 17, 2012

China's bathrooms

I got a few people ask me about the bathroom situation here. I have added a photo so you can see that it's basically a toilet in the floor. You have to squat to use the bathroom. It not my cup

of tea but hey it works in a They do have western bathrooms but not a lot of places have them so this is what you have to use if you can't hold it.



srbcain1 said...

LOL I knew what the toilets look like, and I can only imagine how You are doing with THAT!!! LOL Not long now though, and You will be home, and able to "Go" in Your own..LOL

Hope everyone is getting some sleep..and Hope everyone is starting to feel better!!!

Enjoy Your last couple of days, do some more shopping, and see as much as You can. But mostly, just enjoy Your the last of Your time alone, because once You get baaaaccckkk...well, You know!!!

Look forward to see all of You...hearing about it the whole experience, and seeing Your pictures!! xoxo

lyndsey said...

I don't blog anymore but for some reason came on here tonight.... I just wanted to say how HAPPY I am to see that you finally have your son! CONGRATS you guys!! Love the pics from your trip... would love to go to china one day;)


Jamey and Catherine said...

Wow! What an experience! I think I'd be on an all liquid diet... Tmi. :)
I've been waiting and waiting for the next post and it feels like forever. LOL then I realized... It's only been a couple days and for goodness sake I have been through this and should know how busy and excited you are. (still can't wait though.) ;)
You'll be flying home soon... Hope he travels well on the flights and safe travels to you all.


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