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Jan 27, 2013

Head is spinning....

We had gotten news on Friday that we weren't expecting that has led us to rethink everything now.  We are hoping to get some clarification tomorrow but for some reason I don't think we will get the answers we are hoping for.  We have gone through so much along this journey...some devastating new.....some life changing moments.  I would love to be able to positive about everything but I know that nothing is for sure.  So now we wait and see.... something that I don't do well at.


Hi from Ruth! said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry that something's gone wrong. I hope you get answers soon, and that clarity comes quickly.

Blessings and hugs, Kelly.


Kelly said...

Thanks Ruth. I'm not happy with the outcome of what we heard on Friday. It makes me tear up each time I think about it. It's hard to let go of a dream that I've had for so long. I just need some time to let it all sink in.


Tasha said...

Sorry to hear something went wrong. We have had a lot of challenges on our journey and I know the pain of letting go of a dream too. Hope you get the answers you seek!

Allison said...

Thinking of you! Hoping you get the answers you need for clarity and decision making!

ps. Your little guy is so adorable!


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