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Aug 1, 2011

My Sagittarius Baby!

The child of Sagittarius is an adventurer, restless and funny. Sagittarius Baby has a very good sense of humour, like a small clown. Whenever he laughs, everyone is affected by his joy. As he grows he will show his restlessness and charm. He will travel all over the house, then the neighbourhood, and then the entire world. His curiosity and energy are unbounded. He is always asking questions; he wants to know everything and sometimes presses very hard with his endless questions.
He reacts against orders; he only obeys if he thinks it is logical. His inquisitive and reasonable mind is always analysing the orders. To get his cooperation on any subject, parents must appeal to his sense of justice and honesty. If his parents keep him confined all day long or they inhibit his fantasies, he might lose his motivation. He loves to be outside and he loves sports, in which he will probably be fantastic. Friends love him and they are always looking for him, because he is always making people laugh. Though he shows authority and enthusiasm, inside he is not very strong and he needs support for his enterprises. He is ingenuous and people can easily influence him, so his parents should always keep an eye on his friends. His sense of freedom becomes stronger in adolescence and he may leave home early.

At school Sagittarius Baby can be inconstant, because everything depends on his enthusiasm. If he gets bored, he will not be a good student, but if he finds subjects that interest him, he will learn very quickly. His mentality is multifaceted and is fed by his curiosity. The more dynamic his education is, the better. It is extraordinarily easy for him to learn languages, and he is also fond of religion. He is likely to go through changes in his faith and religion while searching for the truth. As he has an adventurous spirit, he is likely to live in another country.

This child does not have a head for finances. Parents must teach him how to deal with money, and to save some, in order to avoid future financial problems. Parents should not be soft on this point. If he spends a week's allowance in one day, he must live the rest of the week penniless. Though this seems rather harsh, it will be very positive for the development of his conscience.

Sagittarius Baby's adventurous spirit is also obvious in matters of the heart. Boys and girls of this sign experience many romances during their adolescence and sometimes more than one at a time. The Sagittarius child is very independent, outgoing and restless. He needs friends for his endless adventures, rather than strong and authoritative parents. He needs to know that his parents have confidence in what he is doing on his own, in order to hit every target he aims at with his bow and arrow.

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Amy said...

This is your little boy's Chinese Horoscope: He is a Tiger

Tigers are sensitive, emotional and capable of great love. They are extremely competitive, especially when it boils down to honor or protecting the ones they love. They need independence but love to dominate. This strong sense of dignity, coupled with their eagerness to face challenges, make them natural (although difficult) leaders. Always restless and alert, they aren't afraid to go for what they want. Tigers make honest, generous friends and passionate lovers. In turn, they expect others to be honest with them, but criticism or disapproval gets them depressed. Still, Tigers always bounce back to face new challenges and take bigger chances.

Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Courageous, Bold, Sociable, Energetic
Volatile, Impulsive, Hot-headed, Restless, Disobedient, Vain, Stubborn

The following occupations best suit the Tiger personality.



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