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Mar 8, 2013

Home Study almost complete!

We should have our home study ready to send to the province for approval by next week.  It's hard to believe that we are starting the process all over again.  I can't wait till everything is there and we can finally relax....well relax that the paper work is complete and we are on the official waiting list.

So lets hope that the province will approve it quickly and we can get it sent off to our agency asap!

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Our Timeline

First Adoption

Started the process in Jan/11
Home study approval Mar/11
DTC May 16. 2011
LID June 1, 2011
Referral July 26, 2011
Sent letter of Intent July 28, 2011
PA Aug 4 , 2011
LOA 119 Days....Nov 28, 2011
TA Dec 20, 2011
January we're Parents!

Second Adoption

Started Process Feb/13
Provincial Approval April 26/13

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