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Aug 24, 2008

Getting scared of not getting siblings.....

I've been reading other blogs and seeing that people are changing request from siblings to a single child. That there has been a huge shortage of siblings in the past year. It's made me scared to think that I might have to change our plans on having 2 children. I have grown up in a family of one all my life and have always wanted my future children to have the joys of having a sibling to grow up with. I have my heart set on the fact knowing we will have two little ones running around here. I will hate to think that dream might not come true now. It seems that having t give up on dreams of having a natural child was hard enough to handle and now this! I just don't know if I will have the strenght to go through another loss.

Aug 22, 2008

All moved in!

We have finally got settled in our new spot. Takes a while to get use to all the space now. We were living in about 800 sq feet and now are in a house that is about 2000 sq feet. We still come home and ask each other "Where are you?" I promise to get some photo's up soon. We are just trying to work out on what to put on the walls still and once that happens I will post a few pictures.

Our Timeline

First Adoption

Started the process in Jan/11
Home study approval Mar/11
DTC May 16. 2011
LID June 1, 2011
Referral July 26, 2011
Sent letter of Intent July 28, 2011
PA Aug 4 , 2011
LOA 119 Days....Nov 28, 2011
TA Dec 20, 2011
January we're Parents!

Second Adoption

Started Process Feb/13
Provincial Approval April 26/13

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