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Dec 12, 2013

Day 5 in Guiyang

Well it was a rough night last night for me.  TJ went out to get some things at the store and Spencer had a melt down that led to Reagh having one at the same time.  They got settled just prior to Tj getting back but wow that was stressful with 2 of them upset.  I guess I will have to get use to it as it will more then likely happen again.

Today the boys stayed at the hotel as I went to Guizhou Provincial Museum.  It wasn't something good for either of the boys.  I got a few things there that are only made locally so I can't wait to get back to show everyone.  I also found out that both of my son's are minority's.  Spencer is Dong and Reagh is Miao.  So we are going to read up on both to be able to talk to them later in life about it.

Here are some pictures from my morning tour.

Dec 11, 2013

Day 4 in Guiyang

The boys are getting along well as long as you don't touch the other  It's like TJ and I are a jungle gym today.  I have to active boys that's for  We are loving being a family of 4 that's for sure.  Feels complete.  Plus I don't I would have the energy to do it  This morning our guide came to get us to do the adoption paper work.  So its official that Spencer is ours!!!!  Here is our first family photo.  It's not the greatest but it's the best so far.

Dec 10, 2013

Day 3 in Guiyang

We will meet our son tonight at 8 pm China time!!!!!  Pictures to follow

Dec 9, 2013

Qianling Hill Park

The monkeys are everywhere you I didn't want them too close.  They  jump on you and I didn't want to scare Reagh.

Men playing's very loud.

Monks grave yard.

Entrance to the temple

locals asking for good health.

Reagh made a new friend....always finds a new lady everywhere he

She wanted him to go down the made up slide.

Could have taken her sweet.

Reagh's turn....the old fella loved him.

Reagh giving the little girl a high five...she wasn't sure at

Hoping next time it will be a family of 4.....

Dec 8, 2013

Updated news

We got word today that Spencer is going to be coming on a train today at noon to Guiyang.  The train will be over 12 hours ride so I'm not sure if we will get him late tonight at midnight or tomorrow morning.  We will stay up all hours tonight to get him but it will be more then likely be tomorrow morning when we get him.  We are getting very antsy waiting for him.  But so relieved that they found him and he's on his way to us.  He's aware that his next stop will be him coming to us!!!  Can't wait to see him.


Landed in Guiyang, Guizhou

We made it to the province in where Spencer is suppose to be at but still isn't.  We were to be with him tomorrow but it may now not happen till Wed.  He's still in another province but they are trying to find him a way to this province still.  Our agency wanted him to fly here as it would be quicker but they driving here and that will take a while. With doing that it will cause delays with his passport and the province that we are in right now isn't working well with us on this. Our agency is trying to do everything they can to correct the matter. I will keep you posted when I hear more.

Dec 7, 2013


We had and eventful day today.  Reagh and Tj went for a swim in the hotel pool and had a great time.  Reagh didn't want to get out as he loves the pool so much.  We also met with our guide to exchange the money needed for the fees for the adoption , so it was great to get that done and out of the way.  We also got to go to the grocery store to get some supplies.  I love that we can get so lunch for under 5 bucks there to feed a family of  After that we had to go for a sleep as we been up since 2am lo cal time.  We almost slept in for supper but we got a call from Yulin and got up quickly to meet us with another family.  We went to our favorite restaurant for supper and had a great meal with some new friends. The waitress loved the tip we left her as she even used her English to say say hello and goodbye to us as we left. Now we are just relaxing in the hotel room as we have to be up and ready to go tomorrow at 5:45am

Now the major news is this.....We were expecting to get Spencer tomorrow but it looks like now we might not have him till the end of the week.  The reason is that he's not in the right province that he was suppose to be at.  So now we are hoping that things can be worked out quickly and find him and get him to where we are.  So we need lots of prayers sent our way that things will work out.

Dec 6, 2013

Pictures so far.

Reagh just given new drum sticks.....not a wise move. After hitting them too loud we had to put them away and he wasn't  a happy camper.

Me at 4:30 am....trying to be happy but wanting to go to bed asap.

The day before when we thought we were leaving....not to happy later.

The only one who got some sleep on the plane.

Just realized he was in China.  lol


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