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Feb 12, 2013

What our future holds....

As many of you know that we have decided to adopt a second child.  We were hoping to adopt from Ethiopia as our file was still logged in with them since 2009. With some unforeseen issues that came up with our journey we have decided to let our dream of adopting from Ethiopia go.  As hard as its to let Ethiopia go we know that there is a child out there for us.  After all of the soul searching we have decided to go back to China in hopes to find a sibling for Reagh.  We feel very confident with our decision and we are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives.

Feb 4, 2013

Storm day fun.

Reagh playing around in Mommy's rubber boots.


Our Timeline

First Adoption

Started the process in Jan/11
Home study approval Mar/11
DTC May 16. 2011
LID June 1, 2011
Referral July 26, 2011
Sent letter of Intent July 28, 2011
PA Aug 4 , 2011
LOA 119 Days....Nov 28, 2011
TA Dec 20, 2011
January we're Parents!

Second Adoption

Started Process Feb/13
Provincial Approval April 26/13

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