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Feb 25, 2008

Guess we can finally start up again with our home study!!!

I thought I would update our social worker today on where we were in getting the items she needed before we can proceed with our home study. I guess we can keep going even though our medicals won;t be there till the end of march. This is great news! I just want to feel that we are moving forward with our adoption. I will feel much better once our home study is done and get the approval of the province. Once that comes I will start to really feel that this is real. It's hard to explain how we feel but it seems that everyone is so far ahead of us in adopting and we are so early on that it still doen't seem real till I can recieve something in writing that says we are....hope someone gets what I'm I'm not sure if I'm just waiting for the floor to drop out under me again. It seemed that I feel that way every month for the last four years that it's hard to let go of that feeling that something is not going to work out. I so want to keep positive and most of the time I am, it just creeps up on me from time to time. Either way I am happy that we are going to continue with our home study. Just brings us one step closer to our children.

Feb 24, 2008


It was so nice to meet a few of the couples that are adopting from Ethiopia. Especially since TJ and I are very early on in our adoption process. It's nice knowing that we are not alone and there's support near by. It seemed when we were looking at adopting from China there weren't many couples our own age, so to see that this group is are more our age. We are going to have children close in age so it will be nice for future gatherings.

Thanks again Jill and Trevor for having us. I look forward to our next gathering!

Feb 22, 2008

Things are starting to come together.

We almost got all our paperwork in order. We just have to wait for our doctor appointments and then we can continue with our home study. I can't get over how long it will take for us to get into our doctors. I had to call 5 times to finally hear back from my husbands doctor. I'm just glad that the appointments are made and that things are moving forward and that makes me happy. I just can't get over how long some things take. I guess I will have to get use to it as it's very early on our journey and there will be many bumps along the road.

Feb 11, 2008


I decided to call back again and see if I could get someone eles on the phone. To my luck I did just that....and I will be getting my Notice in 10 business days! YEAH!!!!! I knew if I could get someone else that I might have better luck.

What is with the gov't delays????

I had requested my Notice of assemment from Revenue Canada and it will be 12 weeks before they can send it to me. What the hell??? I do realize that it's a poor time of year but 12 weeks come on. I got so excited to start the home study and now we have to wait till we get this final paper work before we can have our second session. It's already been 23 days since we last seen her and now we might have to wait another 12 weeks...I'm just beside myself. I even explained that we need it right away due to adoption and still I get a lady having a bad day telling me to suck it up pretty much. I could have gone through the phone. It's not my fault that she's having a bad day. I guess I just have to wait it out.

Feb 10, 2008

My feelings....

I wish that I will never hear these comments again....

1. You will get pregnant. You just have to relax.
2. Once you get your adopted children you'll get pregnant cause the pressure is off.
3. You just have to do it more if you want to get pregnant.
4. Oh you are still will happen.

Are a few things that I hear over and over again. I know that people aren't saying these things to be heartful, but little do they know how hurtful they are. How I try to figure out just how to make it through that moment. So I put on a smile and just stand there saying nothing. Though sometimes I try to explain that if only that was true, but doesn't seem to matter. Wishing that they could understand how I might feel for once. How we've struggled to get through these past few years. To finally decide to let go of a dream we had for so long. It's not easy letting go and starting a new path. So I say this....just think of how you might feel walking in our shoes before you make a comment like these.

Feb 7, 2008

Anyone else sick as me???

I can't believe that I've been sick for the forth time this winter. I so want to feel better. I find that it's hard to be out on the road selling when you are blowing your nose every two That's real sexy. Oh well the week is almost done and I can get back to my own bed and rest up the whole weekend.

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First Adoption

Started the process in Jan/11
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DTC May 16. 2011
LID June 1, 2011
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Sent letter of Intent July 28, 2011
PA Aug 4 , 2011
LOA 119 Days....Nov 28, 2011
TA Dec 20, 2011
January we're Parents!

Second Adoption

Started Process Feb/13
Provincial Approval April 26/13

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